Frequently Asked Questions 

Below you’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions relating to the SiD Secure EFT payment method. If you require any further information or assistance, you’re welcome to contact our Support Centre, which is available from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.


What is SiD?

SiD Secure EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) has been one of South Africa’s most trusted online payment methods since 2007. SiD allows South African e-commerce merchants to receive secure online and mobile payments directly from their websites to their bank accounts.

SiD facilitates hassle-free online payments by linking shoppers directly to their Internet Banking, pre-populating the payment details and directing them right back to the merchant’s website, where they then receive instant payment confirmation. Bank-level security, such as one-time PIN verification remains in place during the SiD payment, thereby ensuring complete protection.

SiD is South Africa’s favourite online and mobile payment alternative to a credit card. By adding SiD as an additional payment option on your website, you’ll be able to reach a vast market of shoppers who:

  • don’t want to draw on credit
  • have security concerns about paying by credit card
  • find the newly imposed 3D secure authentication cumbersome
  • don’t even have credit cards

Increase your online and mobile sales revenue by signing up for SiD Secure EFT.

How does SiD work?

With SiD, there’s no shopper registration and 100% protection. Shoppers can complete a SiD payment in 5 simple steps:


  1. Select the SiD payment option on the merchant’s checkout page.
  2. Select your bank.
  3. Login to your existing, secure Internet banking.
  4. Select the bank account you wish to pay from (If you have more than one account linked to your internet banking profile).
  5. Enter the OTP received from your bank or respond to a push message received from your bank to complete the payment.
What are the merchant logo requirements?

Specifications are as follows:
Logo Format: JPEG/PNG

Recommended height will be 300px

Width can be 300px – 800px


Is SiD Secure?
SiD uses the most advanced security features available on the Internet and although SiD invokes your Internet Banking service, it does not access or store your Internet Banking identifier or password. These are entered directly into your Internet Banking log on screen using the usual security provided by your bank.
How Are My Bank Account Details Kept Secure?
Your bank account access information such as usernames and passwords are not captured or stored by SiD or the merchant website. One time PIN (OTP), Random Verification Number (RVN) or access token provided by your bank is still required. Your session occurs directly between your PC and your bank in the same way as if you had logged into your bank’s Internet Banking system separately from any SiD transaction. SiD just automates the process of filling in all of the payment details for you. SiD may store your bank account number for refund purposes. However, no third party can access or operate your Internet Banking facilities based on this information, or any other information retained by SID.
My Bank's T's And C's State That I Must Not Disclose My Password To A Third Party. Can I Still Use SiD?
Yes. With SiD you are logging into your bank’s Internet Banking website directly therefore not disclosing your password to a third party.


Why Have I Not Received A One-Time PIN Via SMS?

Some banks make use of a USSD push message for payment authorisation. In such instances, you will need to respond to the push message received from your bank in order to complete a payment.

Other banks make use of One-time PIN payment confirmation. Occasionally, there may be issues encountered with receiving your One-time PIN SMS from the bank. If you do encounter any issues, please try the following steps:


  1. Ensure that the SIM card in your mobile device you are checking has the same number that was used to register on with your bank.
  2. Check your message Inbox on your mobile device to ensure that you have sufficient space to receive new incomings SMSs.
  3. Delayed SMS delivery may occur when your mobile device loses connection to the mobile network. Please check your connectivity.
  4. Try restarting the mobile device to re-establish connectivity with the mobile network.
  5. Check with your mobile network operator to ensure that they are not experiencing any issues. At times, there may be congestion on downstream carrier networks. The issue usually resolves itself as SMS traffic starts to clear. Please allow a few minutes before clicking on the SMS Resend button.
  6. If all else fails, please escalate to your bank by contacting their internet banking helpdesk for assistance.
Why Is The SiD Page Constantly Looping?

In most instances, it only takes a few minutes to complete a SiD transaction. However, in some cases, your bank may return an error message or internal message within your banking profile which may halt the SiD transaction process. First, please try to refresh your browser page. If this does not resolve the issue, please login directly to your internet banking account and check for the following:


  1. Ensure that any transaction limits (e.g. daily or monthly) have not been exceeded.
  2. Your bank may post messages and updates before you can proceed to complete a once-off payment. Please confirm any bank notices accordingly.
  3. Ensure that your FICA information is updated on your banking profile. If you are unable to check this via your internet banking portal, please contact your bank’s internet banking helpdesk for assistance.