Merchant Protection Program

We guarantee 100% protection up to a maximum amount of R10,000.00 in respect of funds not received in the merchant’s bank account when payment is made by means of SiD.

  • If your system received a confirmation of a transaction from the SiD system, which does not reflect in your bank account, you may contact our customer service team to help you resolve the problem.
  • This protection does not apply to any transactions that occur in respect of your account that was not affected by means of SiD.


Dispute resolution on payments using SiD

When you receive payments with SiD, you gain access to a forum for dispute resolution. Through it, you can file a claim in respect of:

  • Funds not received in the merchant’s bank account within 5 days from receiving a confirmation of a transaction from the SiD system.

Dispute Resolution specialists gather information about your transactions and help you resolve the issue. Throughout the process, you will be advised of your claim’s status via email.


File a Claim

The vast majority of SiD payments occur without problems. In the event that a dispute arises in respect of a payment, SiD’s Merchant Complaint Process is available to help resolve the dispute.

The Merchant Complaint Process is a way for merchants to issue formal complaints regarding payments that were affected through SiD but for which they never received the funds in their bank account.



Merchants are strongly encouraged to first communicate with the shopper if they have a problem with a transaction. In most cases, direct communications between the two parties is the quickest and most amicable way to resolve disputes. In exceptional circumstances, however, you may file a claim through the Merchant Complaint Process.

Once you file a claim, Setcom will investigate the case and attempt to come to a fair resolution. If our investigation determines that you are owed money by the shopper, we will make every effort to recover funds for you. We will try to complete our investigation and provide any reimbursement within 45 days from the date the Merchant Complaint Form is filed.

Requirements for the Merchant Complaint Process:

In order for a transaction to be eligible for review by the Merchant Complaint Process:

  • The shopper must have used SiD to pay for their purchase.
  • You did not receive the funds in your bank account.
  • You must file a claim within 5 days from receiving a confirmation of a transaction from the SiD system.
  • You must complete and sign the AGREEMENT OF SETTLEMENT AND CESSION and return it to Setcom.
  • Use a shipping service that can provide a tracking number or reasonable proof of delivery. If necessary, this will help prove that an item was delivered.  If your product is a service or intangible item then a detailed log of delivery or download is required.
  • Be willing to provide as much information as possible to Setcom’s investigating agent. If you fail to provide the necessary information, Setcom will unfortunately not grant the claim.

High-risk merchants exclusion:
The merchant protection program does not cover high-risk merchants. For a list of businesses that are considered to be high risk, click here.

Click here to contact us and file a claim