Shopper Protection Program 

We guarantee 100% protection up to R5000.00 against unauthorised payments sent from your account by means of SiD.

  • If you receive confirmation of a transaction which you don’t recognize, you may contact our customer service team to help you resolve the problem.
  • We recommend that you have all your Bank security settings enabled for your own security.
  • This protection does not apply to any unauthorised transactions that occur in respect of your account that was not affected by means of SiD.


Dispute Resolution On Purchases Using SiD

When you pay with SiD, you gain access to a forum for dispute resolution. Through it, you can file a claim in respect of:
  • A physical good which you paid for but never received.
  • A physical good which you purchased that is significantly different from what was described in the listing.

Dispute Resolution specialists gather information about your transactions and help you resolve the issue. Throughout the process, you’ll be advised of your claim’s status via email.


SiD Helps To Prevent Identity Theft

By keeping your financial information private, SiD enables you to pay without sharing your financial information with merchants.


File A Claim

The vast majority of SiD payments occur without problems. In the event that a dispute arises in respect of a purchase, SiD’s Shopper Complaint Process is available to help resolve the dispute.

The Shopper Complaint Process is a way for shoppers to issue formal complaints regarding items paid for through SiD but never received or, items received that are significantly different from what was described in the listing.



Shoppers are strongly encouraged to first communicate with merchants if they have a problem with a transaction. In most cases, direct communications between the two parties are the quickest and most amicable way to resolve disputes. In exceptional circumstances, however, you may file a claim through the Shopper Complaint Process.
Once you file a claim, SiD will investigate the case and attempt to come to a fair resolution. If our investigation determines that you are owed money by the merchant, we will make every effort to recover funds for you. We will try to complete our investigation and provide any reimbursement within 45 days from the date the Shopper Complaint Form is filed.

Requirements for the Shopper Complaint Process

In order for a transaction to be eligible for review by the Shoppper Complaint Process:
  • You must have used SiD to pay for your purchase.
  • You did not receive the item that you purchased or the item received was significantly different from what was described in the listing.
  • You must file a claim within 45 days of payment.
  • Your purchase must be a physical/tangible item. Services and intangible items (emailed recipes etc.) are not covered.


What Is “Significantly Different From What Was Described”?

An item is “significantly different from what was described” if it is materially different from how the merchant described it in the item listing. Here are some examples:
  • You received a completely different item. Example: You purchased a book and received a DVD or an empty box.
  • The condition of the item was misrepresented. Example: The listing said “new” and the item was used.
  • The item was advertised as authentic but is not authentic.
  • The item is missing major parts or features which were not disclosed in the listing.
  • You purchased three items from a merchant but only received two.
An item is not significantly-not-as-described if it is materially similar to the merchant’s item listing description. Here are some examples:
  • The defect in the item was correctly described by the merchant.
  • The item was properly described but you didn’t want it after you received it.
  • The item was properly described but did not meet your expectations.
  • The item has minor scratches and was listed as used condition.

There may be times when the characteristics of the item or the situation do not render the items significantly-not-as-described. SiD encourages all shoppers and merchants to communicate with each other before and after the transaction to prevent these issues from occurring. For items that do not qualify as significantly-not-as-described, we still encourage the shopper and merchant to find an equitable solution. SiD will reserve the right to make a decision on whether or not an item is significantly-not-as-described if the shopper and merchant cannot agree. SiD may require the shopper to ship the item back to the merchant or to SiD or to a third party at the shopper’s expense, and to provide proof of delivery. Once SiD has made a decision on a significantly-not-as-described dispute, that decision is final and cannot be appealed.