Choose the Safest and Fastest Instant EFT Solution.

SiD Secure EFT is South Africa’s original EFT solution, with a track record of over a decade of safe EFT processing.

Collect immediate EFT payments via your website, email, or invoices.

Receive instant, guaranteed payment confirmation.

Increase your online sales by providing access to non-card holders to shop online.

Why Offer SiD on your Website?

Most Secure Instant EFT Solution

SiD remains unmatched by any other EFT solution in the market, with over 10 years of security advancements built into our payment system.

We Guarantee Your Funds

Funds received are paid into your bank account in real time. We provide an instant payment guarantee of up to R5,000 per transaction.

Highest Approval Rate In SA

Our long-established solution and proven track record makes SiD the prefered EFT payment method in South Africa, with the highest approval rate.

Pay From Any PC or Mobile Device

SiD is fully compatible with all devices, so you can easily pay using your phone, tablet, PC or Mac.

SiD Features


With SiD you business can grow by reaching the widest market of online and mobile shoppers. You’ll reach the widest market of online and mobile shoppers, at the lowest cost, with the least amount of risk.


Redirect integration is the standard method used by most SiD merchants, whereby the customer is directed to a SiD payment page and then returned back to the merchant’s website once the payment is complete.


The Payment Link feature allows you to generate a unique SiD payment hyperlink, which you can send to your customer in an invoice or in an email.


SiD’s now offers an Automated Refund System, allowing you to process refunds for Instant EFT transactions via the SiD Merchant Portal, or via our Refund API.

Instant EFT with SiD 

SiD Secure EFT is the safest and easiest instant EFT Solution. Collect immediate EFT payments via your website, no need for funds to clear. Payments received are deposited directly into your bank account in real-time. Unlike most online payment facilities, you don’t require an e-commerce merchant account to accept SiD payments. You’ll also be able to save on transaction fees as SiD payments are charged at a low 1.5%.

Join the Best 

The SiD Secure EFT payment method is trusted by hundreds of South African e-commerce businesses of all sizes. These are just a few of our valued clients. Join their ranks today.

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