SiD Security 

When shopping online, South African consumers weigh up a number of factors before making their purchasing decisions. Price, convenience, variety, a good exchange policy and speedy transacting all contribute to their final decision to buy online, but the number one factor they take into account is the availability of secure online payment facilities. With a proven record of zero security breaches since its launch in 2007, SiD Secure EFT is recognised as South Africa’s most trusted and secure online payment alternative to credit card.


SiD is independently monitored and verified by leading privacy and security certification specialists, Trust Guard and GoDaddy, thereby providing both shoppers and merchants with even greater protection and peace of mind.


SiD allows online payments to be made securely, via the internet banking platforms of South Africa’s most trusted banks. The bank’s strict security measures remain in place every step of the way. Like with a normal EFT, shoppers will first need to authenticate the transaction by entering a One-time PIN received from their bank, or responding to a prompt received via push message or from within their banking app.
SiD goes beyond the security of online banking by adding extra security measures to protect you and your money:

No Data Storage

SiD does not store the shopper’s internet banking login details, ensuring that sensitive financial information is kept completely secure.

Merchant Protection Program

SiD eliminates the risk of chargebacks and non-payments. Learn more…

Shopper Protection Program

Online shoppers are guaranteed 100% protection against unauthorized payments via SiD. Learn more…

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