SiD Payment Link

The SiD Payment Link solution makes it easy for merchants to generate a unique payment link/URL, which they can send to a customer within the body of an email or within an invoice. The customer can then complete an instant SiD payment by clicking on the link.

Add Payment Link to Emails

All SiD merchants have access to the Payment Link tool in the SiD Merchant Portal.


Simply log into the Merchant Portal, click on the “Payment Link” menu, and enter the payment details. The system will automatically generate a unique hyperlink, which you can email to your customer.

Add Payment Link to Invoices

You now have the option of integrating the SiD Payment Link into your existing billing system. This makes it possible to automatically insert a unique payment link into every invoice you send to your customers.


The SiD Payment Link API is outlined in our Integration Guide.

SID Payment Link Invoice