Why Choose SiD Payment as an Online Payment Method?

29th March 2017

Buying goods and services on the web is very safe when vendors make use of authorized merchant accounts or other electronic payments.

Many people who purchase goods and services on the web are sceptical of various online payment solutions. An online payment solution provider should give you peace of mind, great customer service and exceptional rates in addition to the easy use of e-commerce options.

A customer should be able to read all about the product or service before purchasing on the internet. With the knowledge of the product cost, delivery methods available, and return policies, customers can make good, safe decisions, and be protected in their e-commerce activity.

E-commerce businesses have benefited by using SiD Secure EFT as a payment method. With SiD, you will reach the widest market of online and mobile shoppers, at the lowest cost, with the lowest risk, as it is a safe online payment method. SiD payment is undoubtedly one of the top payment gateways in South Africa.

Benefits provided by SiD payment:

  • The online payments you receive via SiD are 100% yours, guaranteed, as they are irreversible.
  • Online sales may be increased by up to 25% only by offering a payment alternative to a credit card.
  • Payments received are deposited directly into your bank account in real time.
  • You will save on transaction fees as SiD payments are charged at a low 1.5% per transaction.
  • The payments are made directly into your business or personal bank account.
  • SiD payment allows you to eliminate the risk of chargebacks and fraud.
  • You can reduce cart abandonment with the simplicity of SiD Secure EFT payments.

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