Safe Payment Option for Merchants: SID Payment

1st August 2017

The internet has given rise to e-commerce, which has unlocked a whole new world of endless products and opportunities for businesses worldwide. It ignited a booming industry in which many brands are competing for market share, and thousands of merchants are registering to sell their products online.

For you as a merchant to stand out above the competition, you need to be offer a diverse range of quality products, easy payment methods, and well-thought-out discounts, among other things. Payment is one of the most crucial parts, because without it, the entire buying process is incomplete. So, if you fail to offer an effective and secure online payment option, then, no matter how good your product is, you will be at a loss.

So, what is the possible solution?

The SID Secure EFT account is a highly secure secure EFT solution. It safely collects the payment from the shopper via the merchant’s website, email or invoices, and directly transfers the funds into the merchant’s bank account. We facilitate safe EFT processing with a high level of security, without the need of a credit card.

Merchant Protection Program

SID is independently monitored and verified by leading security and privacy certification specialists and allows payment through South Africa’s most trusted banks.

However, for additional support and guidance, SID has its own merchant protection program with the following unique features:

  • 100% guaranteed protection

The company guarantees 100% protection up to a maximum of R10,000.00 in respect of funds not received in the merchant’s bank account when payment is made through SID.

  • High customer support

If, for instance, you have received the confirmation of a transaction from SID system, but it does not reflect in your bank account, our customer service team will be there to assist you.

  • Dispute resolution on payments

The Dispute Resolution Specialists collect all information about your transactions and help you resolve any issue smoothly. You will be advised of your claim’s status via email throughout the process.

  • Filing claim

Through the merchant complaint process, one can issue formal complaints regarding payment confirmation received via SID, but never reflected in the bank account. We make all effort to reimburse the funds at the earliest.

Merchants will benefit from such a secure and transparent EFT system. So, hold your search for EFT payment solutions and engage with us if you want to stay ahead in this fast-moving world of e-commerce business.

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