How is SID Secure EFT different from its competitors?

12th April 2017

  • SID Secure EFT is a safe, online payment method that enables you to make payments online. It is systematically monitored and verified by leading privacy and security specialists.
  • SID remains unsurpassed by any other EFT solution competing within the existing market, with over a decade of high-quality secured advancements built into the payment system.
  • With SID, you can pay directly from your bank account without waiting for the funds to clear. It provides the transaction details on your once-off payment page, making payments simpler. The merchant receives immediate payment confirmation for the order to be quickly dispatched.
  • Easily select the SID payment method option on any website displaying the SID Secure EFT logo, available on several South African e-commerce websites.
  • A SID Secure EFT account enables a seamless payment process on all devices, including smartphones, tablets and personal computers, allowing you to make efficient payments in convenience.
  • Funds received via SID Secure EFT are sent into your bank account within a reasonable period time. There is also a facility of instant payment guarantee, per transaction, with higher transaction speed.
  • By utilizing the SID payment method on your website, you can activate the valuable mobile sales channels for your business. With the latest Embedded Integration option, the SID transaction occurs within an iframe embedded on the web page.

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