Quick & Easy Online Payments on Any Device with SID Secure EFT

8th April 2016

SID Secure EFT has been one of South Africa’s most trusted online payment methods since 2007. The SID payment solution was recently upgraded in order to simplify the payment process, and to allow for a seamless payment experience on any platform, or any type of device, including phones and tablets.

SID is essentially an assisted, Secure EFT solution that allows e-commerce businesses to accept secure online payments from their customers via the customer’s existing internet banking facility. Customers who don’t have credit cards, or who prefer not to draw on credit, can shop online with ease by selecting the SID payment method, available on hundreds of e-commerce websites.

Customers do not need to sign up or register with SID in order to make a SID payment. All they need to do is select the SID payment method on the merchant’s website. They can then complete their payment in 4 simple steps:

The customer is directed to the SID payment page where they select their bank.

Next, they’re prompted to log into their internet banking (No login details are stored by SID).

They then select the bank account they wish to pay from (If they have more than one account linked to their internet banking profile).

The customer enters a One-time PIN (OTP) received from their bank or responds to a push message received from their bank in order to complete the payment.

After the payment is successfully processed, the customer is automatically navigated back to the merchant’s website where their order can be filled immediately, as SID issues an instant, guaranteed payment confirmation to the merchant.

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